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Cleaning up urushiol

Subject: Cleaning up urushiol
Author: fellow_sufferer
Date: 9/15/2003 0:05 am
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I am in the third week of misery from poison oak and the only positive aspect of the experience is an appreciation of my own resistance to scratching the skin off my arms and legs - while I tried to make some sense of the late night tv programs.
However, the cause has been disposed off via the garden waste cans and since that day, these cans have been lying empty in a corner of my drive way. I have been meaning to clean them up but have'nt come up with a plan ( and the guts) to do so. Tonight, it has rained a little and am wondering if that helped or really made the matters worse by now spreading the oil allo ver the driveway. Need some advise for cleaning up the driveway and the cans.

Cleaning up urushiol (Approved)fellow_sufferer9/15/2003 0:05 am
  Re: Cleaning up urushiol (Approved)Brian9/18/2003 4:12 pm