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Re: Cleaning furniture

Subject: Re: Cleaning furniture
Author: Nisha
Date: 9/14/2003 4:45 pm
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Hey Nicole, I'm a fourth year medical student. Febreeze is absolutely not effective for getting rid of the oil. You don't necessarily have to get it professionally cleaned, but at least, you should get a rug doctor or something with an upholstery attachment, get a deep cleaning solution and clean clean clean your couch. You can always test a portion of the couch to test for colorfastness, and to top it off, I would use Febreeze (the allergen reducer kind) which has been shown to decrease air born particles, and might help to decrease the spread of the rash.
Good luck!

Cleaning furniture (Approved)Nicole9/13/2003 10:35 am
  Re: Cleaning furniture (Approved)Nisha9/14/2003 4:45 pm