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Cleaning furniture

Subject: Cleaning furniture
Author: Nicole
Date: 9/13/2003 10:35 am
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My husband and I are battling pi. I've come to the conclusion that the dog has tracked it into our house and, inadvertedly, onto our sofa. I really don't know where to begin to rid the sofa of the oil. I have washed blankets and pillows that were on it which he laid on, but the sofa itself is most likely still holding the oil. I'd like some suggestions that would get rid of the pi oil but not ruin the fabric of the couch- and doesn't involve having it professionally cleaned. We need a quick, cheap fix. We have a toddler and an infant so the fix needs to be safe as well. I don't know how effective Febreeze is for "neutralizing" the oil, just makes the couch smell dog free!
Thank you in advance

Cleaning furniture (Approved)Nicole9/13/2003 10:35 am
  Re: Cleaning furniture (Approved)Nisha9/14/2003 4:45 pm