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Its War now...

Subject: Its War now...
Author: John W
Date: 9/11/2003 7:53 pm
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First of all whats the point of poison ivy anyway...
But mainly I am tired of the thought of control and maintanance every so often. I am going to battle people, armed with anything and everything, and im not really sure who or what i take out on the way but i know one thing poison ivy is going down my friend down big time. Sorry but this crap about protecting other plants and being afraid to distrupt the surronding veg. Im going in with the mentality of kill em all and sort it out later. I will replant the good stuff and get new things, throw out tools rather than sit and wash everything and hope i did good enough.

My nieghbors may think im nuts but ill be like rambo out there sneaking up on it and making it suffer as i have.

Poison Ivy.. Ill be hunting you, tracking you down, watching your every move and then when you least expcet it bangggoo...Maybee round up, maybee dig and pull, maybee vinegar, maybee tarp, maybee bobcat, maybee dynomyte who knows? So i have one question for you PI... do ya feel lucky punk! (scratch scratch)

Hope a little humorn helps the itching!!!!

Its War now... (Approved)John W9/11/2003 7:53 pm
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