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Re: the devil weed

Subject: Re: the devil weed
Author: John
Date: 9/11/2003 6:31 pm
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I feal your pain bro, I tried a couple things and in this site some people swore by hot water, i tried it and at first it itched like crazy but it felt good (almost like your scrathing it as much as you want too) then it goes away and its heaven. I did it and since then havent done anything else and i love it. Get the water really hot though and let it run over it or in the shower, hot water is the antivenom my friend!!

the devil weed (Approved)Brett9/10/2003 11:18 pm
  Re: the devil weed (Approved)John9/11/2003 6:31 pm
    Re: the devil weed (Approved)Brett9/11/2003 11:34 pm