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Re: How to kill it?

Subject: Re: How to kill it?
Author: Brian
Date: 9/11/2003 5:07 pm
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Betsy actually answers it in another post just above yours. It's like tackling weeds in your lawn- you have to keep at it. The problems are that surrounding areas that are untreated and animals spreading the seeds can always allow it to come back. Nothing would really work in your flower beds to neutralize the oils- well, if you weren't going to plant anything, it would eventually have to leech out. You could try by using soap sprays,etc... Man, this is a tricky one...

Try this site. He always comes up with some great solutions:
www.jerrybaker.com/JerryBaker/assets/html/homepage.asp - 29k
He might be on the radio in your area too.

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