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is it poison ivy?

Subject: is it poison ivy?
Author: craig
Date: 9/10/2003 0:05 am
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ive got a lot of someting that looks like poison ivy (but then again, what do i know). Ive stidied your pics, I'm still not sure. The leaves are in bunches of three, middle leaf has a longer stem. There are no berries that i've ever seen, and the vine part has thorns on it, sharp thorns, they will scratch you and stick to your clothes. Does poison ivy have thorns on the stems? what is this then....this is in northern wisconsin. thx

is it poison ivy? (Approved)craig9/10/2003 0:05 am
  Re: is it poison ivy?Betsy D.9/10/2003 9:26 pm
  Re: is it poison ivy? (Approved)Brian9/11/2003 4:55 pm