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any (?chemical) test to ID plants?/pink flowers

Subject: any (?chemical) test to ID plants?/pink flowers
Author: Nancy
Date: 7/26/2003 11:29 am
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After looking at many sites and pictures, I'm not much better off, practically speaking. . .now that I see there may be kore than 3 leaves, it seems like ANYTHING could be PI!! Surely there is some sort of chemical test, i.e. put a drop of some concoction on a leaf, and if it changes colour, it is (or isn't) PI.

I'm in a southern Ontario forest, and have lots of different 3 leaf plants, including some with long stemmed small pink flowers which grow taller than the leaves...does that sound like any kind of PI...I've only seen pink or green flower

any (?chemical) test to ID pl (Approved)Nancy7/26/2003 11:29 am
  Re: any (?chemical) test to I (Approved)Betsy D.7/28/2003 5:01 pm