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Re: itching and spreading

Subject: Re: itching and spreading
Author: Sandra
Date: 6/11/2003 4:35 pm
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I know what you are all going thru. The last time I got poison ivy this bad was when I was 17. I have it on my face in my scalp and my eyes. A huge patch on my left upper arm. I went to the ER right away and got a shot and some steroids. Four days later it is still spreading. I went to my family doctor and she upped the steroids and told my that you can't spead it...I've been told that speading is a myth. If it is a myth then why is it now on my back, neck, chest, sides, stomach, hands, and speading onto my legs. I have cleaned everything from clothes to bed clothes, couches, etc. I now even have it in and unmetionable place. Is speading a fact or myth, or does anyone really know???? I have a very low talerance to this stuff it loves me, but I hate it.

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