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Re: It's spreading!

Subject: Re: It's spreading!
Author: Alan
Date: 6/9/2003 4:05 pm
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Hi Hunter,

I understand what you mean by the rash spreading. I've had a horrible experience with it to. I tried your idea of the rubber gloves and you know......you're right! It temporary but it works. I work in a medical office and I'm going to find out the chemical in the powered gloves. They need to bottle that stuff. My boss was none to pleased to see me walking around without shoes on but my feet were covered in blisters (i had on flip flops when I got it).

I must say I was a bit taken back by your Mother's response! I would think she would be more supportive. Shoot...I'm 36 years old and MY 68 year old Mother came running to rescue with a care package of every type of home rememdy known to man. I felt like an oatmeal cookie after she got through with me making paste out of raw oatmeal, but it worked. Just because you don't have insurance doesn't mean that there aren't cost effective methods out there.

Be glad you found this site. I AM! This is the only place I have found accurate and positive information along with support from testimonies from other people. I'm sure by now you are over the experience and I wish you well. Thanks for the tip.

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