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Misery Loves Company - Thanks

Subject: Misery Loves Company - Thanks
Author: Kim Hill
Date: 5/26/2003 1:12 pm
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I pulled up 2 garbage bags of plants and roots (just the beginning of what is in my SW Michigan yard) on Wednesday.  The 3 leaves were the tip-off that it might be poison ivy so I (thought) I took the necessary safeguards. I began itching and developing little bumps right after I took some photos and sent them to you for identification.  No need to answer - I KNOW what it is for sure!  Your site proved invaluble for photo comparison to the plant-print it out and take it outside with you.  TIP-compare BEFORE you begin ripping!  I sent about 8 or so pics- from red leaves, to shiny ones, to dull ones, to roots, to a tree climber - hope they help someone like yours did me (albeit a little late - my fault).  Anyway, I have been on your site 5 hours reading all the great info and tips.  My husband is on his way to Walgreens to pick up some Tec(h)nu and Band Aid Anti Itch Gel.  I am going nuts with bumps and blisters and swollen areas.  I tried the hairdryer tip several people suggested. It's temporary (isn't it all?) but it really worked. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for you help.  There are too many suggestions to try (some scary!) but misery loves company and there is, at least, some comfort in that!


Misery Loves Company - Thanks (Approved)Kim Hill5/26/2003 1:12 pm
  Re: Misery Loves Company - Tha (Approved)Betsy D.5/26/2003 2:36 pm