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Re: It's spreading!

Subject: Re: It's spreading!
Author: Hunter
Date: 5/23/2003 11:25 pm
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Sweet!  I want some of that vine!  I'm thinking of all the things I could make it grow on (My computer, my porch, my grandma). 

I just went and washed my fingernails.  Everything else in my room has been washed--mom went a little nuts.  "Ack!  You're covered in a rash Hunter!  Do you realize we don't have insurance right now?  Tough it out buster!  I can't believe you'd do this to me right now!"

Anyways, I found something that really helps the itch, as far as hands go.  Those plastic or latex stretchy disposable gloves that you buy in the box seem to be covered in a white powder.  Just throw on a glove for an hour or so, and when it comes of your hand doesn't itch!  Wow!

Is there a way I could upload pictures of my experiment to the site?



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