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Re: Exclude from Day Care ?

Subject: Re: Exclude from Day Care ?
Author: Jim
Date: 5/23/2003 6:40 pm
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The rash isn't contagious. Its an over response from the immune system. The oil on the other hand can be contagious in the strictest use of the word according to the dictionary and may take anywhere from 3 min to an hour before it bonds according to literature searches. Provided there is proper cleanup, there should be nothing further to pass along.

There is the ewwwww factor from the blisters that probably should be covered up to reduce risk from infection if the day care isn't very clean. Not to mention the child being tormented from the differnt looks from other children and teachers.

What do you mean by incubation period?

Sounds like you may not have had a chance to read some of the links on the site or some of the messages. Here is a nice description that came up recently.

Exclude from Day Care ? (Approved)Jane5/23/2003 1:23 pm
  Re: Exclude from Day Care ? (Approved)Jim5/23/2003 6:40 pm