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Re: Use of antibiotics

Subject: Re: Use of antibiotics
Author: Betsy Dunphy
Date: 5/22/2003 5:46 pm
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Don't do it. Abuse and misuse of antibiotics is causing a major headache for the medical community. There are many more "bugs" now resistant to antibiotics than ever before. Antibiotics are for bacterial infections. A urushiol induced rash (poison ivy rash) is an allergic reaction. Only if you have an infection should antibiotics be considered.

Here's a good read about antibiotics: Antibiotics - The Untold Story

That said - perhaps you should review why you are getting an annual affliction. Reinfection? Not recognizing the plant?

Use of antibiotics (Approved)David Johnson5/22/2003 8:52 am
  Re: Use of antibiotics (Approved)Betsy Dunphy5/22/2003 5:46 pm