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Non-skin to non-skin spread / washing without water / systemic

Subject: Non-skin to non-skin spread / washing without water / systemic
Author: Amy Moonlady Martin
Date: 5/22/2003 12:39 pm
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Greetings, oh great brains of poison ivy central (and I mean that seriously),

We have just bought 75 acres in north Texas with the intention of turning it into a nature preserve for hiking and bird watching. However, those activities require that we make trails, plus we are having to fix fences and tear down abandoned outbuidings. This means we are in contact with PI a lot! Making things worse, we won't have running water until we drill a well, which could take months.

My husband and I have read every page on this wonderful site. But there are still a few things we are unclear about.

Non-skin to non-skin spread --

To cut PI, we suit up with long sleeves, long jeans and coat ourselves with Ivy Block (however, it sweats off fast here in Texas!). We also wear leather gloves to cut PI and use them for nothing but PI. I try not to touch the PI vines, but sometimes must grab and yank. Does that mean everything I touch with those gloves will get PI oil on it? The lopper we use is also needed to cut trees and such. If I touch the lopper with the gloves and others use the lopper, will they get PI? In other words, is cloth to metal spread possible? We will probably switch to long rubber gloves, but wonder if they same problem applies. . . On this same line, our Labrador dogs wander around the rural place. If I pet them before washing them, will PI spread that way? Will a dip in the pond wash it off, or does fur need soap to clean it from the oil?

lack of water --

We won't having running water until we drill a well, which could take months. Is there anyway to clean up after a known PI encounter without soap and water? I've read that alcohol cleaners like in most folded moist wipes simply spread it.

systemic body spread --

After a PI session, we strip, put the clothes in a bag, and empty the bag directly into the washer once at home. Somehoe, my husband still gets PI all over his body. Little spots of it, not very virulent. He's a very nervous person. I swear he's so nervous about PI he's getting hives that mock it. Any truth to this idea? Or is this a systemic reaction?

Thanks so much!

-- Amy Moonlady Martin

Non-skin to non-skin spread / (Approved)Amy Moonlady Martin5/22/2003 12:39 pm
  Re: Non-skin to non-skin sprea (Approved)Betsy Dunphy5/22/2003 9:26 pm