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Re: Cleaning

Subject: Re: Cleaning
Author: Jim
Date: 5/22/2003 10:45 am
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At first I would throw them in the washing machine and wash them with soap and water. This included leather gloves. Now I just place the gloves on the driveway and hit them with plenty of water from the hose. I keep an old pair of gloves that I use for this purpose.

What one is suspose to do is use those super heavy duty rubber gloves that you can buy at home depot or Lowes that come up high and almost to your elbow. These are chemical gloves. Use these and then just rinse them off with water or soap and water. I have these gloves but always forget that I have them and when I do remember I forget where I put them. :-(

Then there are the products like tecnu that market to this specifically but I have never used it in that manner. Others have raved about it though. See my soap page to better understand solvents and how soaps remove oil.

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