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Re: Firewood

Subject: Re: Firewood
Author: Jim
Date: 5/22/2003 9:53 am
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It seems far fetched that the oil could have soaked into all the firewood and through the bark does't it? You could throw it all away since no one for sure will know how bad the oil has penetrated or just remove the bark and wait a few years. You could also hose it down and hope that the additional seasoning of wood through snow, rain, and time will have the same effect.

Personally, I think this probably happens more often with fresh cut wood. Had the tree been down long? I got my worse case of poison ivy removing the vine from a fallen tree. I would let the wood season for a few years. The common literature says the oil can remain very potent for up to 5 years. The oil is very stable.

I really don't have a good answer for you. I am somewhat more relaxed around firewood from a tree that had a small vine than say one of those 5-6 inch vines. I know it doesn't make much sense since the oil is still the same oil but thats my thought process.

Hard question. Anyone else have any ideas?

Firewoodmotoercyclesdan5/22/2003 9:37 am
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