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Breathingand the Plants

Subject: Breathingand the Plants
Author: Jeff Gunter
Date: 5/22/2003 9:06 am
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Three weeks ago I got a rather severe case of poison Ivy on my arms from pulling poison ivy out of flower beds. About two days into my rash, I developed a rather severe sore throat with thick drainage. I felt terrible but felt it was coming from the poison ivy that I breathed in while pulling it up. I remember smelling the plants. My poison Ivy is slowly going away and my throat and the drainage is much better and I am beginning to feel much better. I believe the arm rash and the throat drainage will end about the same time. Do you know if it is possible to get internal poison ivy because I believe I had it? Thanks
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Breathingand the Plants (Approved)Jeff Gunter5/22/2003 9:06 am
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