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Back about my poison ivy case

Subject: Back about my poison ivy case
Author: Monica
Date: 5/20/2003 3:31 pm
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Well I suffered and suffered until I could no longer take it. Today I finnally went to the doctor. He told me that I was apparently allergic to it as most people are it seems. I had it for a week, and I let it go to long, and it had gotton into my blood stream. He gave me a steroid shot, and I have to go back in 2 days for another one.My point being is that if you get a case of it, and it doesn't start drying up in 3 days, and is continueing to spread and get worse, you should see your doctor, just in case you are allergic to it. In which case, it ussually does not go away on it's on, if you catch it before it gets to bad, they can give you cream instead of a shot. Already my itching is getting better. But benadryl is helping some, as strange as this sounds, I spoke with my grandmother today (what took me so long! I could have had relief long ago!) She told me to make a pot of strong coffee, add about a half cup of salt, let it cool enough to apply to your skin, and soak it in a rag, and apply to your sours. It burns at firest, but what relief it has given me today!! It really works! Also another good thing to help dry them up faster, and give a small amount of relief is to dab the sores often in ammonia with a q-tip. I hope this helps all the suffer's out there. It has proven true to me!

Back about my poison ivy case (Approved)Monica5/20/2003 3:31 pm