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Steroid shots are not working

Subject: Steroid shots are not working
Author: Bradey
Date: 5/20/2003 9:37 am
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Hello, my name is Bradey. I am 16 and I have had very bad posion ivy break outs all my life! I get it so bad people ask if I have put a blow torch to my skin. I normally go to the doctor and get a shot that everyone else gets, but the last 3 times that I have taken it, it hasn't worked, so I am thinking (if possible) I am getting immuned to the shot. Same with this stuff I got from a store out of town. It use to work but the past 2 years it hasn't worked. I even doubled the dose this year and it didn't work. If there is any other thing you can think of to help me out I would be so grateful. Thanx alot. Bradey
[email protected] submitted 18/May/2003

Steroid shots are not working (Approved)Bradey5/20/2003 9:37 am