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Mistakes in my treatment

Subject: Mistakes in my treatment
Author: diahn
Date: 5/20/2003 9:25 am
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I'm just confused. About two weeks ago, I started breaking out. Just started as two little bumps. First thing I tried was straight clorox and it felt great. But somebody help me out here. It ate my skin off and turned into this awful looking raw red place. Will this heal or am I scarred for life? After the clorox thing, a friend said, oh yeah, man, you're never supposed to do that. Great. And then another friend said rub some honey over the infected looking raw place and some fresh aloe. Well the honey burned a great deal. Then the next day it formed some ugly blisters. And then somebody else said, oh don't use greasy stuff at all --- no honey, no aloe gel. It needs to dry up. So I tried a caladryl cream. And then I noticed it says right on the dad blamed bottle not to use on blistered, raw or oozing skin. Why? What the heck is going to happen now? Is my leg going to just rot off? And I thought this was supposed to go away on its own after two week s --- for some reason -- on day 14 it's Spreading!!!! It has hopped onto my other leg. And now I'm even worried about the clothes I am wearing because they were washed in cool water and air dried. Maybe the oil didn't go away. Benadryl cream didn't do one thing for it. My main concern is that big raw red place. It looks ten times worse than anything else. Is that a clorox burn or part of the poison ivy. The aloe gel feels great. And shouldn't that help the burned skin heal better too? I've been taking extra vitamins, extra c, echinacea (because I also have a nasty cold) and even some flax seed oil (another friend recommended this) How long will it take to get over it? Any advice out there? Please assure me about the reaction to the clorox that I have not deformed myself permanently. My next thing is I am going to buy some Dawn tomorrow --- at Dawn when the store opens.
--"diahn" ([email protected]) submitted 20/May/2003

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