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Can poison ivy have a red berry?

Subject: Can poison ivy have a red berry?
Author: Betty Gormley
Date: 5/19/2003 4:52 pm
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Hello, My husband and I went to the pacific coast Tuesday of last week and I now have a burning, itchy red rash on one side of my back and under one arm.  I remember going for a walk in a woodsy area where there were vines with 3 leaves, looking much like your picture in the header above.  The vine had a small berry, looking much like a rasberry.  I thought it was pretty and picked the 3 leaves and a berry, took it into the car with me.  Later, my back was aching from the long trip, so I reached into my top and rubbed my back. I think this may have been poison ivy, but I don't remember seeing it pictured with a red berry.  I complicated matters further by putting a heating pad on the area when I got home, thinking it was hurting from the long trip. Now I can see small blisters forming on the red skin.  Can poison ivy have a red berry? Thanks very much.


Can poison ivy have a red berr (Approved)Betty Gormley5/19/2003 4:52 pm
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