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Re: Family member has P. oak in eyes

Subject: Re: Family member has P. oak in eyes
Author: Betsy Dunphy
Date: 5/14/2003 9:42 pm
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Hmmmm... that's a tough one. I know a few stubborn mules (young and old) but none with a rash around the eyes. The Academy of Dermatologists does recommend that a physician should be seen if the rash is on the face, private areas, or covers over 30% of the body. But if your MIL is not inclined to see a physician, we'll have to find alternatives. One thing I've read and seen recommended many times are ice cubes or very cold compresses. This one I've even seen on a number of physician websites. Apparently, it helps ease the itch. Perhaps she could make some compresses with ice cubes inside and put that on or near the rash. Taking care around the eyes of course. How about going for a swim? Any nearby indoor (or outdoor) pools? Chlorinated water helps to dry up the rash. That's our summer cure for urushiol induced rashes. Many of the other treatments that come to mind I wouldn't want near my face.... I'll have to think some more on this.

Anyone else have some thoughts?

Family member has P. oak in ey (Approved)James Blome5/14/2003 3:04 am
  Re: Family member has P. oak i (Approved)Betsy Dunphy5/14/2003 9:42 pm