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Family member has P. oak in eyes

Subject: Family member has P. oak in eyes
Author: James Blome
Date: 5/14/2003 3:04 am
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Mother in law has poison oak in her eyes.  I do not believe I will be able to persuade her to try boiling water, oatmeal compresses or acidic solutions.  She is suffering.  Is there any way to help her, considering her sensitive situation?  She is a stubborn old mule and believes the E.R. is only for people who are on fire.  I'd be very grateful for any info you may share.

           Thank you.  -James

Family member has P. oak in ey (Approved)James Blome5/14/2003 3:04 am
  Re: Family member has P. oak i (Approved)Betsy Dunphy5/14/2003 9:42 pm