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Re: prevention

Subject: Re: prevention
Author: Jim
Date: 5/3/2003 1:10 am
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The key to tecnu in my experience is to use it before the oil has penetrated the epidermal layer and bonded to deeper skin cells. I swore by tecnu until I waited 4 hours a few years back and tried to wash it off. It did nothing for me. Now I just use soap and water or rubbing alcohol right after exposure. I mean right after :) For a nice discussion on this and tecnu, I really recommend this link.

A product that I purchased but not used yet is Ivy Block. You have to apply it prior to exposure. Another idea would be to carry some of those portable wipes that have rubbing alcohol. If you use this prior to the oil bonding it should work also. My wife does this when she is taking poison ivy pictures for this site and needs to clean her shoes and hands. So far so good!

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