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Re: Will the rash spread?

Subject: Re: Will the rash spread?
Author: Ruth
Date: 4/29/2003 2:00 pm
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Not likely unless you are repeatedly wearing the same clothing.  Your clothing and or tools should be washed several times to ensure you have removed all of the oils.  The only way it can spread is sometimes it may become systemic if you are highly allergic and or sometimes the rash doesn't come out immediately.  It sometimes takes longer for all the areas that you may have come into contact with.  However, if your miserable.  Pick up a bottle of rabbotts poison ivy/oak/sumac remedy.  It's in some health food stores in Ct. but I found it on physician.com.  It's what worked best for my kids and I.

Will the rash spread? (Approved) Amber4/28/2003 2:33 pm
  Re: Will the rash spread? (Approved)Ruth4/29/2003 2:00 pm