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Scraped by something....

Subject: Scraped by something....
Author: Gordon
Date: 4/25/2003 2:05 am
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Ok, I'm in North Central Texas (Forney) playing paintball when I get hit in the knee.  I look and my knee is especially red and stinging (unlike a normal paintball hit.)  Moments before, I had been kneeling and laying in the grass in this slightly wild wooded area.  So, I think it was a coincidence that I was hit by a paintball in a place where something had just scraped my knee.  There were visible red scrapes on my knee.

I didn't think much of it until 2 days later when I noticed my knee had broken out in a rash that reminded me of Poison Oak minus the itching.  After another couple of days, I have had a couple of spots that popped up on my left arm.  Anyway, I'm clueless to what this might be and I'm hoping for some input.

Scraped by something.... (Approved)Gordon4/25/2003 2:05 am
  Re: Scraped by something.... (Approved)Dan Granniss4/25/2003 1:45 pm