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Re: Poison Ivy and Blisters

Subject: Re: Poison Ivy and Blisters
Author: Jim
Date: 4/22/2003 9:39 pm
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Hi Betsy. The blisters which result from the allergic reaction to urushiol oil is definitely no fun. The important thing to remember to is keep them clean and dry. This is an open sore and is susceptible to infection. I use gauze pads for any blisters that may get irritated by clothing otherwise I allow the blisters to remain uncovered. You might try a topical solution to assist in drying the blisters such as Calamine lotion. Your local pharmacist could recommend a solution for you. Same for the face - a topical solution to help dry up the blisters and provide itch relief could be of help here. My best relief has come from swimming daily in a swimming pool. The chlorinated water seems to help dry up the blisters. Check out our section on remedies and treatments where a number of viewers have made suggestions for ways to help dry up the blisters.

Poison Ivy and Blisters (Approved)Betsy4/22/2003 7:56 pm
  Re: Poison Ivy and BlistersJim4/22/2003 9:39 pm