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Re: chronic poison ivy getter

Subject: Re: chronic poison ivy getter
Author: Betsy
Date: 4/21/2003 11:50 pm
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Hi Mary. As far as I know, products that did exist to help prevent the outbreak (preventative shots, etc.) have been withdrawn from the market. I have heard some good things about Ivy Block though have never used it myself. Ivy Block is an FDA approved non-prescription skin protectant.

Interestingly, your reaction to poison ivy will vary from time to time. You may find that this is the summer where your outbreaks are minimal (or may be the worst ever). But there is no magic cure or preventative. Just make sure you know what the plant looks like and treat the rash properly.

chronic poison ivy getter (Approved)mary4/18/2003 4:38 pm
  Re: chronic poison ivy getter (Approved)Betsy4/21/2003 11:50 pm