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Re: How do you know if it's systemic?

Subject: Re: How do you know if it's systemic?
Author: Betsy
Date: 4/21/2003 10:37 pm
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From what I know, the key indicator is the showing up in odd places over time. The reactions vary of course from person to person. Some may have some swelling around the breakout, some will have odd rashes in odd places. Of course, I have to say "I am not a doctor" but I have had a reaction to poison ivy that sounded like it was systemic. I kept getting little rash patches in odd places where I know there was absolutely no way I could have had contact with urushiol oil. This went on for a few weeks (I think it was 2-3 weeks). I never went to the doctor but treated the outbreaks. There's not a whole lot a doctor can do to relieve this as it is an allergic reaction. If you have a breakout in a sensitive area such as around the eyes, in the throat, etc. (my brother gets those - he's HIGHLY allergic) you need to see a doctor. If you decide not to see a doctor (and even if you do :-)) keep the rashes clean and dry and avoid scratching to prevent infection. It will eventually go away.

How do you know if it's system (Approved)Ally4/21/2003 8:00 am
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