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chronic poison ivy getter

Subject: chronic poison ivy getter
Author: mary
Date: 4/18/2003 4:38 pm
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Is there a booster shot of some sort that one could get BEFORE the evil summer starts? It is April, and i have already got two spots of poison ivy. One on my neck, sure to spread due to wearing shirts! I fear summer time now because i have spent the last 3 summers with poison ivy, throughout most of it. I discovered Zanfel, thank god, last summer.
But i would really like to know if there is a shot of some sort that i can get to sort of boost...immunity of the vile weed. ( i wish there was!)

chronic poison ivy getter (Approved)mary4/18/2003 4:38 pm
  Re: chronic poison ivy getter (Approved)Betsy4/21/2003 11:50 pm