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how fast does poison ivy heal?

Subject: how fast does poison ivy heal?
Author: Josh Myers
Date: 4/15/2003 10:53 pm
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I got that icky stuff we like to call poison ivy fishing this last sunday. It started to break out tuesday real bad around my face and neck. i have taken showers baths with some kind of ointment and used cream ointments also, my mother told me i may have to go to the doctors, but i dont have the money nor insurance, and i was woundering if the emergancy rooms can prescripe pills...not shots! im so scared of needles its unreal i freak out when ever im around them pretty much. thanx for your time for reading this please email me at hellrye@hotmail.com if you have any awnsers thank you again

how fast does poison ivy heal? (Approved)Josh Myers4/15/2003 10:53 pm
  Re: how fast does poison ivy h (Approved)Betsy4/17/2003 9:19 am