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Why is it spreading?

Subject: Why is it spreading?
Author: JustinFontaine
Date: 4/10/2003 11:08 am
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Got a good sized case going. It started on my lower leg where a large rash appeared. I have been treating it with tecnu, washing constantly with Burt's poison ivy soap, dish soap, bleach. Using calamine for itch and every morning I wake up with a new patch of blisters. I am changing bed sheets and bed clothes evey night. If I am any more careful I'll be in a straight jacket! Why is this spreading? Is it the oil from the blister?

Why is it spreading? (Approved)JustinFontaine4/10/2003 11:08 am
  Re: Why is it spreading? (Approved)Betsy D.4/10/2003 10:13 pm
    Re: Why is it spreading? (Approved)Ruth4/29/2003 1:35 pm