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Subject: Jewelweed
Author: Jim Dunphy
Date: 3/24/2003 8:46 pm
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I moved to a wooded area last year and spent most of the following 6 months suffering from poison ivy. Winter is over.....and now with spring coming, I am searching the internet trying to glean knowledge from anywhere. I am wondering why I have read nothing of jewel weed on your site? I am anxious to try it (and know I will get plenty of opportunity). Has anyone used it? Last year after a couple months of pi and vaious otc meds, the dr prescribed two courses of oral steroids,(back to back, as the first did not control it) and topical as well. Then I found Zanfel and was able to control the pi exposures in the following months by showering several times daily and using the Zanfel. Also last year about two months after the worst of the pi, I began to experience bizarre neurological syptoms...twitching muscles, tingling skin, the sensation of movement under the skin, weakness in some muscles and patches of skin numbness. Does anyone know if exces sive exposure to pi can have neurological effects? Anyone else have similar experience?
--"Denise" (kstess@NOSPAMhotmail.com) submitted 24/Mar/2003

JewelweedJim Dunphy3/24/2003 8:46 pm
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