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Nothing Is Working

Subject: Nothing Is Working
Author: Jim Dunphy
Date: 3/19/2003 10:45 pm
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I am having a horrible case of poisen ivy right now. Haven't found anbything to help, I have rashes all over my legs starting on my arms and on my face. Tried bleach worked to no avail. Dr subscribed predisone but it either hasn't worked or hasn't kicked in. Just recieved some steriod cream today I am praying that it works. Regardless of what anyone says poisen ivy spreads somehow beides touching something that originally contacted the plant. Started out with a rash two weeks ago (one little blotch) now I have tons of blotches some being almost seethrough I'm guessing because the skin is stretched so far?? This is my first time ever getting poisen ivy. If any one has any possible solutions to my problems please email me MBiem@NOSPAMaol.com. Zanfel didn't work and it was outragously expensive. IvyDry didn't work. Bleach didn't work. Hot water showers provide relief but I feel have some effect in spreading the ivy. Rubbing alcohol didn't work. Triple antibiotic didn't work. Nothing is working I am going to the dermatologist soon hopefully and maybe he'll have a soultion but please help i'm taking any suggestions now.
--"Mark" (MBiem@NOSPAMaol.com) submitted 15/Sep/2001

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