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Re: how long does Poison Oak last?

Subject: Re: how long does Poison Oak last?
Author: Lex
Date: 11/13/2012 9:26 pm
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My encounter with poison oak lasted about 5 weeks. Within one week the rash had swollen my right eye, was on my face, hands, arms, side of my head, neck,torso and legs. I went to the Dr and was given a benedryl shot and a course of steroids. The rash seemed to be healing for about a week,then erupted with a vengence once I went off of the steroids on week three. It was so bad that my left arm was completely enveloped and my left hand swollen. The rash was on at least 40% of my body. I went to the hospital emergency and was treated there with a steroid shot,previcid (an internal antihistimine believe it or not)and benedryl. The ER doctor felt that I was having a systemic reaction. I was sent home with a prescription for steroids, benedryl and previcid. I then researched the internet. What I learned is that urushiol - the toxic oil in the plant remains on the skin. I believe that is so because on me where ever the rash touched another part of my skin it spread to that spot. Most of the literature suggests that the rash does not spread the rash, what they don't say is that the urushiol is still active on the skin and still cabable of spreading the rash. Until you get the urushiol off of you it will continue to spread the rash. In researching the internet I read about two products. One is called Zanfel, it is available at most any drug store. It is expensive - $40 a tube. But it works. I scrubbed head to toe with it and just as it said on the tube it takes the itch away. Because Zanfel is so expensive I also bought a bottle of Tecnu, also available at most any drug store. It was about $15 a bottle. It is big enough that you can take several showers with it. Twice a day for three days I washed with this product, Tecnu and the rash completely cleared up. It dried up the rash and took the itch away. Both of these products are designed to wash away the urushiol that remains on the skin. Contrary to what I have read I believe that the urushiol remains on the skin and remains toxic (continues to spread the rash)until it is completely washed off of your body. The only other thing that gives temporary releif of the itch it taking a very hot shower. When the hot water touches the area of the rash - the feeling is hard to describe, it is like pleasurably scratching the itch deep down. Once the urushiol is washed away with the products that I described the hot water no longer satisfied the itch because there is no longer any irritagion. I never respond to boards like this but I hope that this will help those of you researching the internet once you are infected with poison oak. I'm sure that most don't get the reaction to the toxin that I did but I wanted you to know what worked for me. I hope this information is helpful to you.

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