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Re: A huge problem!

Subject: Re: A huge problem!
Author: Eli
Date: 10/27/2012 10:35 pm
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If you have a neighbor who's unknowingly burning poison ivy, you and your kids are at extreme risk of getting a rash any time you're outside. Aerosol poisoning (like inhaling poison ivy smoke) causes the face to break out, often near the eyes, nose, or mouth. From there, aerosol PI poisoning can spread to the weaker skin on the body, like the backs of knees, between fingers, or inside of elbow joints. Find out who's burning poison ivy in your neighborhood, and alert your local co-operative extension service - they can talk to your neighbors and inform them of applicable fines for causing a public health hazard.

A huge problem! (Approved)Jessica8/27/2011 2:31 pm
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