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burned it - what do I do now! VERY WORRIED

Subject: burned it - what do I do now! VERY WORRIED
Author: Jessica
Date: 8/5/2012 10:38 pm
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Ok, about 5 days ago I was weeding and apparently either rubbed up against or pulled a poison plant - no idea what kind. Next day I got the itching & blisters now. Been using calamine lotion and I can deal with it. It's contained only to my left forearm about an inch long and 1/4" diameter. pretty small but gross looking!

Last night (Saturday) ....me being the genious i am....decided to throw all the weeds into our outdoor fireplace and burn them. NO idea if there was poison in there or not. Now Im freaking out because Im reading it could be lethal to breath in the fumes!

Anyone have suggestions? I did this at about 7pm last night so it's been 24 hours. But I am so scared now...

burned it - what do I do now! (Approved)Jessica8/5/2012 10:38 pm