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Re: How to submit feedback

Subject: Re: How to submit feedback
Author: Sandra Baker
Date: 7/24/2012 3:53 pm
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The way Betsy wrote about worked for me 3 times now, after trying over 20 times on various posts.
Here is a tutorial that might help those who don�t know terminology.

1. Try to send your message the regular way.
2. If it is rejected, go back like the message says.
3. Highlight your message, and go to edit>copy.
4. Refresh your page. (on a mac, it is where you write in a website name-- to the right, the arrow curving in a circle.
5. Retype your name.
6. In the now empty message page, go to edit>paste, so that your message is back.
6. Type in the new code, and send.

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