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Unknow Plants in garden... possibly poison Oak??

Subject: Unknow Plants in garden... possibly poison Oak??
Author: Meghan D
Date: 7/18/2012 2:20 pm
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I'm renting a property in the Columbia River Gorge (the WA/OR border) and tilled up a huge plot for our vegetable garden. I was sick for a couple of weeks and didn't get out to weed. Went out today and there are strange plants growing that didn't look like the rest of the normal weeds. I have found tomato plants, for sure, but there are a couple I just don't know what the heck they are and while trying to find out online, saw that poison oak likes to imitate other plants (Not sure if that's true or not but I want to make sure first!). And these weird plants have ever so slight changes the farther away from the bell pepper plant they are. I've got three little ones that run around and help me in the garden and I want to make sure before anyone goes touching this stuff that I know it's safe.

Here is a link to the images in flickr. Any help is greatly appreciated!!


Unknow Plants in garden... pos (Approved)Meghan D7/18/2012 2:20 pm
  Re: Unknow Plants in garden... (Approved)Meghan D7/19/2012 7:58 pm