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reoccurring rash

Subject: reoccurring rash
Author: Rio
Date: 7/3/2012 11:24 pm
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I have been exposed to Poison Ivy and Poison Oak, a few times, and have had sever reactions to it each time. I have a reoccurring rash that appears at randoms times. It seems that the oil has remained in my system since I first cam in contact with it. The rash is exactly the same as the times that I came in contact with it, so I know it is still in my system.
The question I have is why does reappear in the same spot, every time it comes back ? And how do I get it out of my system ?
It seems to happen bout every two to three months, yet sometimes much longer spacing in between reappearing. The last time it reappeared was bout 6 months ago, yet recently has shown itself again, in the exact same spot as it has been every time it comes back.
WHAT CAN I DO to finally get this out of my system ? It is a horrible thing to have to keep experiencing !
Much gratitude for your help and information.
~ Rio

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