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Poison Ivy Moisturizing

Subject: Poison Ivy Moisturizing
Author: Leisa
Date: 8/6/2011 8:51 pm
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My boyfriend has poison Ivy and has been taking the everything possible to cure it. Well, he's had it on his face and trying to dry it out, he's left his face extremely dry and is painful because of the dryness. Is there anything that can be done for the dryness without making the poison ivy worse, or even keeping it around longer? PLEASE HELP! He is in so much pain, and I need to find some relief for him!! :)

Poison Ivy Moisturizing (Approved)Leisa8/6/2011 8:51 pm
  Re: Poison Ivy Moisturizing (Approved)Beverly8/9/2011 5:25 pm