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Poison Ivy treatment with Acne Cream

Subject: Poison Ivy treatment with Acne Cream
Author: Kim
Date: 7/15/2011 8:25 am
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About a week and a half ago now I contracted the red rash that was soon to become a giant fluid filled blister on my hand. This is my first time with this and I had no idea what was brewing on my hand! A week after the red rash the blister formed (seemed like 10 bubbles growing into one) and so came forth the itchiness. The blister bubbles confirmed the diagnosis of poison something-not sure if it's ivy,sumac, or oak. Along with my many allergies, I was told I'm supposed to be allergic to these. A couple days later after the hand blister my face broke out too. I wasn't sure if it was a pimple so I applied my usual cream until I noticed it didn't go away the next day and it was itchy. It suddenly struck me that this cream (Clean-and- Clear Persa gel 10) normally drys out my skin so I continued to use it on my face, next my hand and now legs. During these last couple of days I noticed significant healing. My face and legs have almost completely healed without any blisters even forming. My hand (the worst area) has made dramatic improvement. The blisters started oozing and I would dab them with a papertowel and apply more cream. I wish I would have applied the cream when it first appeared like my face so I could have reversed the effects. The cream has 10% benzoyl peroxide in it and allows for excessive dryness to occur. It didn't get rid of the itchiness so once the thick layer of acne cream dryed I covered it with caladryl lotion. I didn't know if anyone else had tried this or knew why it could work. But I hope this is the last of the breakouts for me!

Poison Ivy treatment with Acne (Approved)Kim7/15/2011 8:25 am
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