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Subject: Poison Ivy
Author: Alex
Date: 7/2/2011 10:40 pm
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I was on a mission trip recently and had to pull up some poison ivy. I was wearing long pants and gloves, but believe I may have gotten some on my arms and possibly a patch on my side as I had to lay down to pull it. Immediatly after I pulled it up I cleaned my arms with hand sanatizer, as it's all I had access to. Was that bad? I'm also wondering what I can do to take care of the itch and how long before it will go away.

It's not alot, just a small place on my side and a few isolated areas on my arms (one around the elbow, the worst, and a second area around my wrist on the side of my arm.) Will it go away without me needing to see a doctor?

Poison Ivy (Approved)Alex7/2/2011 10:40 pm