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Poison Sumac & Technu

Subject: Poison Sumac & Technu
Author: Denise
Date: 6/20/2011 12:04 pm
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Hello!I would like to know how well will Technu works after Poison Sumac has already been broken out & treated with steroids.(but NOT working!) I broke out 9 days ago.I tried numerous OTC which did zip!I finally went to the Dr & was put on a 5 day steroid pack.It is the 3rd day on the steroids & I am still breaking out!I have washed everything with a oil breaking cleaning product,a few actually to ensure I got it all off,including the dogs who were in the same woods where I got it from.
I am not using any towels,wash clothes,clothing,sheets,pillow cases etc,etc more than once before washing them again.I am showering numerous x a day & am still breaking out!My Dr said give the steroids more time,but I am going insane from the itching & lack of sleep! I found this when researching alternative treatments for Poison Sumac.There is only one pharmacy locally that sells TechNu & it is not cheap,$31.99.I've already spent a small fortune on OTC products so I would really like to know if this is recommended this far out of initial contact/breakout.
I've tried everything people have recommended,,salt,hot showers,cold showers,alcohol,vinegar,even mouth wash which is great for dogs with flea bites.(mint only) It works every time on my pooches,but did nothing for this Poison Sumac hell I'm in.I look & feel like a escaped testing patient from the Center for Disease & Control!I'm sorry for going on so,,I'm a bit desperate at this point,but also going broke.
Please tell me it will help this far along??!!
Thank you!!

Poison Sumac & Technu (Approved)Denise6/20/2011 12:04 pm
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