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Re: Poison Oak on Genitals

Subject: Re: Poison Oak on Genitals
Author: GritNBear
Date: 4/4/2009 1:41 pm
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I also got a bout of PO in that area, to include my neck, chest, stomach, etc. I tried Technu with limited results in stopping the itch and spread of the resin. I tried a remedy that actually worked well. While in the shower, I swathed it in bleach. Then followed up with rubbing alcohol. I then rinsed off everything. It stopped the itch and it did not spread further. Needless to say it was painfull (not so much the bleach, but when the alcohol hit the scrotum). You might want to be sitting down when you do this in the shower so if you pass out, you are less likely to kill yourself by hitting your head. Strangely, experiencing the remedy made the whole poison oak affair seem rather minimal.

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