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my car and pi

Subject: my car and pi
Author: sarah
Date: 6/17/2007 2:44 am
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not sure if what i came in contact with was pi or not. after going through a trail i got very itching, but it may have been a reaction to grass or weeds. i showered as immediately as possible, took an antihistamine and rubbed tact cream (eczema prescription) on my legs and the rash got better both in appearance and itchiness. however, my question does not concern that so much as my car does. if it was pi that i walked through than i am scared that i got oils in my car. and after reading that they are potent for 1 to 5 years i wasn't sure how to go about cleaning it out of my car. i sprayed windex everywhere and rubbed alcohol on the cloth on the seats and the door handles, seat belts etc. did i go about it the right way? or is there a more normal way to deal with it? please reply anyone with info.


my car and pi (Approved)sarah6/17/2007 2:44 am