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Subject: Help!
Author: A
Date: 5/24/2007 8:17 pm
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If a baseball rolled into posion ivy plants and I continued to use it, will that get me posion ivy. Also, if I open a water bottle cap and drank form it, then closed it and later drank from it again would the posion ivy spread from my hand to the bottle?

If about 2-3 hours after contact I took a shower am I out of danger?

Help! (Approved)A5/24/2007 8:17 pm
  Re: Help! (Approved)Kaylie6/5/2007 5:38 pm
  Re: Help! (Approved)Betsy D.6/5/2007 7:11 pm
    Re: Help! (Approved)JIm6/7/2007 8:42 am