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Help! Immediate itching vs. delayed reaction to Poison Ivy

Subject: Help! Immediate itching vs. delayed reaction to Poison Ivy
Author: Ali
Date: 5/24/2007 4:16 pm
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I am 33 and never had a poison ivy reaction until summer '06. Please note - I have 2 Labradors who seem to be the culprit by walking through my gardens and tracking in the poision ivy.

In May 2006 (when the poison ivy came out), I began itching all over my legs and parts of my arms. No rash appeared until July. The itching would get worse whenever I sat on my leather couch (that I share with my labs). In early July, I weeded my garden (my first time weeding a very overgrown garden) and 7 days later I broke out in a poison ivy rash all over my body. Once that happened, my doc identified it and I began hunting for and spraying down the poison ivy I found elsewhere in my property. I also began wearing long pants and sleeves inside, and this helped enormously when sharing the couch with my dogs. I bathed them frequently and washed the couch with Technu.

So, 2 weeks ago (may 07), the Poison Ivy bloomed and once again, I missed a patch and my dogs tracked it in. Only this time, I am itching all over my body and no rash! I keep Technu by every sink and wash frequently. But if I touch my face, my face begins itching, and if I touch my head, my scalp itches! Wherever I get exposed to anything, it itches!

Does this happen to anyone else - immediate onset itching without a rash? I'm confident that the amount I'm exposed to is miniscule, because I've been washing everything in the house with Technu (doorknobs, fawcets, tabletops, etc), but I'm still getting itchy!

I know that poison ivy exposure is characterized by a delayed-onset hyperreactivy reaction (24-48 hours), but the slightest bit on me makes me tingle and itch without a rash. Washing it away takes away the itching.

Please post!

Help! Immediate itching vs. d (Approved)Ali5/24/2007 4:16 pm