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Spreading it...

Subject: Spreading it...
Author: Itchy
Date: 4/1/2007 4:31 pm
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Okay, I am miserable. Unknown exposure I guess last Sunday, first itchy spot on my right ring finger on Tuesday, then spread to my next 2 fingers, now it is on my back and I am getting new spots every day since. I am washing with this scrub stuff that is supposed to help...I guess it does. But why am I still getting new spots. I am covered in bandages and have a glove on my hand to keep my 10 week old baby from getting it. Is there a chance to give it to him or am I being over paranoid? And how much longer will this last?

Spreading it... (Approved)Itchy4/1/2007 4:31 pm
  Re: Spreading it... (Approved)Josh the Arborist4/1/2007 9:14 pm
    Re: Spreading it... (Approved)Betsy D.4/2/2007 4:55 pm
  Re: Spreading it... (Approved)EMILY4/4/2007 10:11 pm